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What If  We Could Help You Ensure That Your Company Run Smoothly Through Every Role Shift? 

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What Is Succession Planning

A company's succession planning ensures that they continue to run smoothly and without interruption, after important people move on in new opportunities or retire. Succession means handing down leadership roles from one employee or group of employees so the business can keep moving forward with its mission intact kind of like how we pass our talents onto future generations.

In order to ensure that their business can continue operations in a smoothly functioning manner, it is important for companies not only to prepare those at management or executive levels, but also future leaders of the company. Succession planning helps with this by providing resources and tools needed so everyone may succeed upon promotion.

Here Are The Areas We Touch On 



Giving employees the tools they need to succeed in their current role.



The practice of preparing employees for future roles and responsibilities is an important part in their continued growth.


Career Planning

An employee-centered practice of identifying the interests and talents of an individual, assisting them in their personal development options.


Career Management

The organization-centered approach to creating jobs and organizational structures that promote achievement of business objectives.


Replacement Planning

Implementing a system to identify potential replacements for key operating functions.


Succession Planning

The future-focused practice of identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform certain functions in addition with a plan that may help prepare multiple individuals for potential situations.


What To Expect Out Of Succession Planning Coaching

You’ll Be Required To Implement What You Learn Quickly, And Share Your Results. I’m Only Looking For High-Caliber People To Join The Succession Planning Coaching. I’ll Review Applications On A First Come, First-Serve Basis. If This Sounds Like You Follow Step 1.

Working with Talent Acquisition Blueprint on Succession Planning involves a two year project timeline. The first year, we meet with the company to understand and gain clarity on company culture and the goals of the company. We begin our work together by identifying all the roles in the organization, assessing present and future gaps, and creating cohesive job descriptions and requirements for current and potential future roles.

Then we begin the process of building your plan! We use a mix of interviews and assessments to evaluate current talent and identify top performers in key areas who would be the best choices for succession in the company. The second year of engagement consists of working closely with leadership to create plans for short term and long term goals for the next 5 years and working to implement those plans to stay on track.

Step #1: Fill out the application

The first step is to fill out a brief application to determine whether or not you are a good fit for this program.

Step #2: See if we are a good fit

When the application comes to my office, one of two things will happen. If we decide you're not a good match, you'll receive an email letting you know. If you are a good match, you'll receive an invitation to book a call with us to learn details and next steps.

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