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Who Is Jacob Darr

Corporate Talent Acquisition Coach. Executive Talent Acquisition. Trainer. Speaker. Employer Branding, & Succession Planning.

For over two decades, Jacob Darr has been a leading figure in the recruiting industry. After years spent working for Private Equity, buying companies, assessing talent, replacing talent with the best available talent, he opened his own outside recruiting firm, Jacob Darr Associates.

Today, Jacob specializes in helping companies create efficient and effective recruiting processes. He is passionate about making sure that companies have the resources they need to attract and retain top talent. He is also a passionate advocate for succession planning practices, which he sees as essential for any organization looking to build a sustainable future.

Jacob has a deep understanding of the recruiting landscape. He knows what it takes to build a successful team, and he is always looking for ways to help companies improve their recruiting practices. He is committed to helping companies find the best candidates for their open positions. He also works hard to ensure that all candidates have a positive experience during the hiring process.


Jacob Darr's Story


When I was 15 years old, I got a summer job at a local waterpark as a lifeguard.


The next summer I got a job at a new, Lake Gas Station Marina & recruited others for a summer job.


I thought I wanted to be a Police Officer and at 19 years old was hired by The City of Key West Police only to find myself in recruiting.


I became an HR Generalist for a large bank.


I became a recruiter for the same bank.


I became a recruiter for a large manufacturing company.


I was moved into Total Rewards by the same company


This is when they decided to move me into Employer Branding.


I became an HR Manager to a Director for a Private Equity Group that bought and sold Manufacturing Groups. Launching and completing succession planning project for 7,500 employees. Completed over 50 Human Capital Plans for multiple businesses.


I became head of HR and Head of Talent for a large manufacturer. Recruiting over 400 employees in 1 year.

Joined a Board of Directors, National Recruiting Firm. 


I became Chief Talent Officer for a Private Equity Group. Completing Human Capital Plans for over 10,000 employees, and launching and completing succession planning for over 10,000 employees and recruiting over 2,500 employees.


I became a CHRO for European Manufacturing Startup. Completing Human Capital Plans for 700 planned employees, while launching succession planning for 700 employees.


I launched Jacob Darr Associates, an HR Consulting & Executive Search Firm


I launched Talent Acquisition Blueprint, a corporate talent consulting and coaching company.


I wrote & published “The Talent Acquisition Blueprint, A proven process to hire the right talent every time.

Here Is What I Believe

Gone are the days of not having consistent agency billing

You may be frustrated in the roller coaster of billing, but there’s an easy solution

If you have a proven business development strategy your organizations growth and strength is endless

The Truth is If I A Guy Like Me Can Do It You Can Too

This is the Formula For Living The Life You Always Wanted...

Believe me when I say, that when I was getting started, I did not have the strengths, characteristics, or tools to have a properly trained team around me. If I can build effective strategies for recruitment in the workspace, SO CAN YOU.

And here is the big truth, I struggled for years, tried and tried again... I failed so that you don't have to. 

I want to give you the keys, and help you unlock the secrets to successful recruitment in your business, once and for all.

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